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ABFA Announces New Officer and Executive Committee Member  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

ABFA elected a new officer and an executive committee member during its April Board meeting held in Washington, DC. Today ABFA announced that Christopher Higby of Honeywell and UOP will serve as ABFA Treasurer and Alan Hiltner will represent GranBio on ABFA’s executive committee.

“The addition of both GranBio and Honeywell reflects the diversity, potential and growth of the advanced biofuels industry as represented by our officers and executive committee,” said ABFA’s President Michael McAdams. “We are pleased to welcome both Chris Higby and Alan Hiltner to the association’s existing leadership.”

UOP is a Honeywell International company that utilizes hydroprocessing technology to convert a variety of second generation, non-edible, natural oils and fats to drop-in fuels for use in existing engines, pipelines and delivery infrastructure. GranBio is a Brazilian industrial biotech company that develops and produce cellulosic ethanol and chemicals from biomass. Created in June of 2011, the company was the first to announce a commercial second-generation ethanol plant in the Southern Hemisphere.

ABFA’s current Executive Committee and Officers include:


Board Chairman: Wayne Simmons, President and Chief Executive Officer, Sundrop Fuels
Board Vice Chairman: Chris Ryan, President and Chief Operating Officer, Gevo
Treasurer: Christopher Higby, Senior Government Affairs Specialist, Honeywell International and UOP
Secretary: Andrew Rojeski, Vice President and General Manager – Renewable Energy, Tyson Foods
President: Michael McAdams

Executive Committee

Lee Edwards, President and Chief Executive Officer, Virent
Guido Ghisolfi, President and Chief Executive Officer, Chemtex
Neville Fernandes, President, Neste Oil US, Inc.
Alan Hiltner, Executive Vice President, GranBio
John Kasbaum, Senior Vice President – Commercial, KiOR
Chris Ryan, President and Chief Operating Officer, Gevo
Jeff Webster, Chief Operating Officer, Sapphire Energy

About ABFA
ABFA represents nearly 40 member companies who produce advanced and cellulosic biofuels, as well as renewable feedstocks. Find more information at, and follow the conversation on Twitter at @BetterFuels.

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