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ABFA Represents 9.6 Billion Gallons of Biofuels Production  

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Washington, D.C. – Today the board of the Advanced Biofuels Association (ABFA) welcomed three new member companies, BIOX, Louis Dreyfus, and The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA). With these additional members, ABFA currently represents 9.6 billion gallons of domestic and international biofuels production.

“We are excited to add new members to our ranks and will continue to represent the advanced biofuels industry through highly effective advocacy and leadership on the issues that matter most to our industry,” said ABFA President Michael McAdams. “ABFA is focused on enhancing and extending the RFS program to build the next generation of advanced biofuels while protecting and extending the current blenders credit for all biodiesel and renewable diesel producers as long as politically possible.”

BIOX is a renewable energy company that designed, built, owns and operates a nearly 18 million gallon capacity biodiesel production facility. Based in Indiana, Louis Dreyfus Company is the largest fully-integrated soybean processing and biodiesel plant in the United States with an annual capacity to produce 88 million gallons. And, UNICA is the leading trade association for the sugarcane industry in Brazil, representing 60 percent of the country’s sugarcane production and processing. Brazil is the second largest producer and exporter of renewable fuel behind the United States.

In addition to voting on new members, the ABFA board elected Neville Fernandes, Head of Sales and Marketing and a Board Member at Neste US, Inc., to Chairman. And, five new representatives were appointed to the ABFA Executive Committee including Michael Whitney, General Manager Renewable Fuels, Musket Corporation; Len Federico, Manager Biofuels and Food Oils, Louis Dreyfus; Jeffrey Jacobs, President and CEO, Ensyn; Paolo Carollo, Executive Vice President, Beta Renewables/BioChemtex; and John Cummings, Vice President, Wilmar North America. Following three years of tremendous leadership, former Chairman Wayne Simmons, CEO, Sundrop Fuels, will remain as the Ex-officio member of the Committee.

“Today ABFA leadership heard from key personnel from Capitol Hill, the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Energy Information Administration. ABFA now has the solid context needed to head into the election year with focus and to represent all those companies seeking to make a difference in the advanced biofuels sector,” continued McAdams.

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