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ABFA Responds to Extension of Blenders Credit  

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

In response to Congress passing the extension of the biodiesel and renewable diesel blenders tax credit, the Advanced Biofuels Association (ABFA) issued the following statement attributable to Michael McAdams, ABFA President.

ABFA is delighted and grateful to the Congress for the extension of the current blenders credit. This provision will continue to protect all the small producers, users of biodiesel and renewable diesel and the distributors who invest in the blending equipment and sell all the fuel in the United States. To those supporting the production credit, this is an energy credit not a farm bill.

We are grateful for the efforts of all those in the large coalition who worked tirelessly to make sure we protected the extension of the blenders credit. The victory is particularly helpful to all those small producers who need the credit next year in order to be able to plan forward and talk to their bankers. This victory, as EPA is well aware, also assures that America will have security of supply of biodiesel and renewable diesel enabling our sector to be able to continue to achieve the RFS finalized RVO targets and seek higher levels in the future. All in all, a good day for an overwhelming majority of those who produce, distribute and use biodiesel and renewable diesel.

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