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DOE ARPA-E announces $66 million in awards for “transformational energy” technologies  

Friday, September 20, 2013

Yesterday, the Energy Department’s ARPA-E announced $66 million in awards for “transformational energy” technologies for 33 projects. The Reducing Emissions using Methanotrophic Organisms for Transportation Energy (REMOTE) program is providing $34 million to find advanced biocatalyst technologies that can convert natural gas to liquid fuel for transportation.

Congratulations to ABFA member companies Coskata, Inc. and LanzaTech for receiving awards under the REMOTE program totaling nearly $5 million dollars. Coskata received $941,726 for a project on transforming activated methane to butanol. LanzaTech received $4,000,000 for designing a bioreactor to improve the transfer of methane to microorganisms.

More information on the projects can be found here:

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