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Statement by Sapphire Energy CEO, Cynthia ‘CJ’ Warner, Regarding the Company’s Selection as an EcoPartner with Oil Giant Sinopec  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cynthia ‘CJ’ Warner, CEO of Sapphire Energy, an Advance Biofuels Association member company, released the following statement regarding the company’s selection as an EcoPartner with Chinese oil and gas company Sinopec.

BEIJING, CHINA, July 10, 2014 – “Sapphire Energy is very pleased to learn that our company’s and Sinopec’s algae-derived renewable crude oil project has been selected for the U.S.-China EcoPartnerships program, announced today in Beijing, China, by the U.S. Secretary of State and the People’s Republic of China State Councilor. This collaboration between our two companies exemplifies the mutual goal of producing cleaner energy solutions for the U.S. and China. Together, we will demonstrate that crude oil from algae can be produced with favorable economics; that it can be integrated into existing fuels distribution networks; and that it will deliver substantial advantages for the reduction of CO2 emissions in both nations.

“Projections from the U.S. Energy Information Administration show that China, the world’s most populous country, will be the largest importer of oil in 2014. The need for renewable, sustainable and low carbon energy solutions to meet growing demand is vital. Given China’s leadership and strong support for embracing new, clean, sustainable fuel options, along with the country’s abundant availability of non-farmable land and non-potable water, Sapphire Energy’s proven algae-to-energy technology platform offers a promising solution.

“I want to thank U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, State Councilor of the People’s Republic of China Yang Jiechi, and all the representatives from both countries for their work in moving this EcoPartnership forward. We’re ready to get to work.”

About Sapphire Energy

San Diego-based Sapphire Energy is pioneering an entirely new industry – Green Crude production – with the potential to profoundly change America’s energy and petrochemical landscape for the better. Sapphire’s products and processes in this category differ significantly from other forms of biofuel because they are made solely from photosynthetic microorganisms (algae and cyanobacteria), using sunlight and CO2 as their feedstock; are not dependent on food crops or valuable farmland; do not use potable water; do not result in biodiesel or ethanol; enhance and replace petroleum-based products; are compatible with existing infrastructure; and are low carbon, renewable and scalable. Sapphire has an R&D facility in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and is currently operating the first Integrated Algal BioRefinery in Columbus, New Mexico, continuously since May 1, 2012.

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