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Houston, TX 

Conversion Technology 


In Brief

Neste is a refining and marketing company, with a production focus on low-emission, high quality traffic fuels. Neste produces a comprehensive range of major petroleum products and is the world's leading supplier of renewable diesel. 


Neste's vision is to be the preferred partner in cleaner traffic fuel solutions. 

Cleaner solutions are needed to provide the growing amount of energy needed to keep society on the move as sustainably as possible, both today and – even more importantly – in the future. The premium-quality fuels developed by Neste, with their smaller environmental footprint, open up excellent potential for cleaner traffic and transport and for helping global efforts aimed at combating climate change. 

Neste’s long experience in developing cleaner fuels, together with its unique refining and technological expertise and sustainable business model, provide a small company in international oil industry terms with a solid foundation for implementing its strategy. 

Expertise in research and technology represents one of Neste's key success factors and plays a major role in the company’s cleaner traffic strategy. Research concentrates on supporting the company’s current businesses and strengthening its potential for developing new businesses in the future. Extending the company's raw material base is one of the main goals of Neste's R&D work. Around 70% of R&D expenditure is spent on research into renewable raw materials. 

Neste's two business areas – Oil Products & Renewables and Oil Retail – support the implementation of the company’s strategy, together with its efficient Production and Logistics function. 

  • The strategic role of Oil and Renewable products and is to maximize the cash flow provided by the products Neste refines and generate profitable growth on the growing market for premium-quality base oil and renewable fuels.
  • The strategic role of Oil retail is to act as a marketing channel for Neste's products and maximize the cash flow generated by product sales and leverage market potential in the countries around the Baltic.
  • The strategic role of Production and Logistics is to ensure reliable and flexible production, and continuously improve efficiency. 

Renewable Fuels

Neste is a global pioneer in premium-quality renewable fuels, and sells NExBTL renewable diesel, NExBTL renewable aviation fuel, and NExBTL renewable naphtha produced using its proprietary technology. Renewable Fuels is Neste's fastest-growing business and Neste has succeeded in creating a renewable products business generating revenue of over EUR 2 billion in just five years. With 2 million t/a of production capacity in place today, Neste is the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel. Neste's NExBTL technology can be used to produce premium-quality renewable fuel from virtually any vegetable oil or waste fat. This flexibility gives Neste a valuable advantage, as it enables the special needs of different markets and customers to be met with ease

NExBTL diesel Neste has developed a renewable diesel component NExBTL utilizing a proprietary conversion process for vegetable oils and animal fats. 

Facts about NExBTL renewable diesel 

  • As a drop-in biofuel, NExBTL diesel behaves exactly like fossil diesel. 
  • Can be used in all diesel engines without any modification and because of its diesel-like behavior, quality-related blending limitations do not apply to NExBTL diesel. NExBTL can be used as such or blended with fossil diesel in various concentrations
  • Fully compatible with existing distribution and logistical systems and requires no additional investments in this area 
  • Excellent cold weather performance means that it can be used year-round even in very cold climates 
  • Its use in a blend improves the technical qualities of the diesel 
  • Excellent fuel properties that meet the highest requirements of automotive manufacturers. NExBTL is sulfur-, oxygen-, nitrogen- and aromatic free and has very high cetane number. Product meets the requirements set by ASTM, 
  • Contributes to a significant reduction in exhaust emissions NExBTL diesel offers 40–90% CO2 reduction (depending on the raw material used) throughout the whole product lifecycle compared to fossil diesel. 

Production of NExBTL

Neste has invested heavily in renewable diesel production capacity based on its proprietary NExBTL technology – and started up the world’s largest renewable diesel refineries in 2010 and 2011, in Singapore and the Netherlands respectively. Both have a production capacity of 800,000 t/a of NExBTL renewable diesel. Neste also produces renewable diesel at Porvoo, where two NExBTL units were commissioned in 2007 and 2009. Neste now has a total of 2 million t/a of renewable diesel capacity, making it the world’s largest producer in the field. 

NExBTL customers and markets

NExBTL renewable diesel is sold as a premium-quality renewable fuel to corporate customers, primarily in Europe and North America. Thanks to its high quality, customers can use it very flexibly and optimize their logistics chain and produce their own quality products. NExBTL renewable diesel ready-blended with fossil diesel is also sold to fuel distributors. 

Research and development

Neste is currently the world’s only biofuel producer that can produce renewable diesel from nearly 10 different types of feedstock. Extending the company's raw material base is one of the main goals of Neste's R&D work. Around 70% of R&D expenditure is spent on research into renewable raw materials. Over the longer term, Neste's raw material research is focusing on using microbial oil produced from agricultural and forest industry residues (lignocellulose) and algae oil as feedstock for producing renewable fuels. 

Responsible biofeedstock supply 

Neste expects its suppliers of bio-based raw materials to be committed to sustainable development. Neste selects feedstock suppliers who follow responsible and sustainable practices and are committed to continuously developing their operations. 

Neste is committed to sourcing only raw materials that can be verified as having been produced sustainably and that can be fully traced back to where they were grown or produced – in accordance with the sustainability criteria contained in the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, established by the Environmental Protection Agency in the US, or other statutory regulations. 

Neste employs very detailed criteria when selecting its renewable raw material suppliers, and requires suppliers to be committed to Neste's Sustainability principles for biofuels and Neste's No deforestation - policy. 

  • We know the life cycle and origin of the raw materials we use
  • We select our suppliers carefully and prioritize good health, safety, environmental, and social issues management on the part of our suppliers
  • We require our suppliers to aim for sustainable operations and include this requirement in our supply contracts
  • We are committed to sourcing only sustainably produced raw materials
  • We carry out and commission audits and monitor our entire supply chain
  • We work with our suppliers to help them improve their operations
  • We are committed to certification systems and regulations designed to improve the sustainable production of the raw materials we use.