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Res Kaidi

RES Kaidi is a renewable and alternative energy technology and engineering services company headquartered in Westminster, CO. RES Kaidi is at the forefront of the industry and specializes in converting unused resources, trash, or waste feeds to higher value chemicals and energy sources to usher in the next wave of power. RES Kaidi was formed in 2014 when Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group acquired the energy technology assets of Rentech, Inc. RES Kaidi currently holds over 100 US and international patents in the field of renewable energy and has over 30 patents pending.

RES Technologies

RES Kaidi Fischer-Tropsch

The Fischer Tropsch technology of RES Kaidi generates valuable fuels, chemicals and other products starting with a variety of feedstocks, such as biomass and natural gas. This technology is based on patented and proprietary iron based catalysts, as well as process advances developed through extensive research and development efforts, leading to successful pilot scale demonstration in Commerce City, Colorado from 2008 to 2013. It is ready for deployment for commercial scale production.

RES Kaidi’s syngas conversion technology uses a slurry phase Fischer-Tropsch process. Syngas enters the slurry bubble column through a distributor in the bottom and passes over a catalyst that is suspended in the liquid hydrocarbon product. The syngas is converted on the RES Kaidi developed catalyst, at elevated temperature and pressure, to a mixture of hydrocarbons. The RES Kaidi process uses a novel, patented separation process to recover the heavy wax hydrocarbons. The condensed and heavy hydrocarbon products undergo hydro-processing to produce diesel and/or jet fuel and naphtha. The fuels meet commercial and regulatory requirements and have been successfully evaluated for use in automobiles, trucks, locomotive and jet turbine motors. Acceptance testing by the military and even a commercial demonstration flight on a United Airlines A319 are a testament to product quality.


The SilvaGas process is a gasifier that converts forest, agricultural and urban biomass residues (RDF), and municipal solid waste (MSW), and energy crops - collectively called biomass - into a medium-heating value gas that is directly substitutable for natural gas.

The SilvaGas process can be scaled into single unit plants ranging in capacity from 100 tons per day to more than 1,000 tons per day. In a gas turbine combined cycle, a 300 ton per day plant would produce enough product gas to generate more than 23 MW of electricity. Overall plant footprint for SilvaGas plant is about 1/3rd that of a conventional biomass boiler. The compact design has a high throughput 3,000 lb/hr-ft2 vs. competing technologies limitations of about 100 lb/hr-ft2

The strength of the SilvaGas process resides in its simplicity—the biomass is rapidly heated with hot sand. The SilvaGas process produces a medium-heating value gas (450-500 Btu/scf) at atmospheric pressure without the use of pure oxygen. Competing gasification technologies produce a low-heating value gas (50-200 Btu/scf) or require the added expense of pure oxygen to increase the heating value.

RES Kaidi Nickel Dual Fluid Bed (NIDFB)

The RES Kaidi Nickel Dual Fluid Bed (NIDFB) Catalytic Conditioning Technology was developed as a hot gas reforming technology which would be applicable to the raw syngas from biomass gasification and other challenging feedstocks. The technology extends beyond jut biomass feedstock applications to the reforming of low grade “stranded” natural gas, coal, and other ubiquitous low grade higher hydrocarbon sources.

  • Destruction of biomass derived tars down to low levels of around 1 mg/Nm3
  • Tolerant of high levels of sulfur compound contaminants and selectively removes them from the raw syngas
  • Capable of dry and wet reforming of high concentrations of methane and higher hydrocarbons at high conversions
  • High water gas shift activity and high reforming activity
  • Reasonably low cost catalyst from readily available substrates and conventional production facilities


The RES Kaidi High Efficiency Hydrothermal Reformer (HEHTR) is an indirectly fired gasifier, which combusts fuel gases in burners, external to helical process coils in which biomass, steam, char and syngas are flowing. This external heating provides the sensible and reaction heat necessary to achieve the desired conversion and gas quality.

This gasification technology is unique, due to the beneficial effects of fast or flash pyrolysis of the biomass, produced as a result of fast particle heating rates due to particle/wall contact, which provides for high carbon conversions. In addition, the unique helical coil geometry results in volatiles released from the biomass & char having to pass thru a layer of very hot char, which catalyzes volatile decomposition reactions, and results in a low tar content syngas and in particular very low heavy tar contents. Char catalyzed reactions also allow a high H2:CO syngas to be produced in the HEHTR, which is a unique feature of this technology.

Engineering Services

Technology Evaluation

RES Kaidi experts evaluate energy technology development efforts for emerging fossil fuel utilization and cutting-edge renewable energy power and fuels generation technologies including biomass gasification, pyrolysis, ethanol conversion etc. As the window to new technologies that are developed outside China for Sunshine Kaidi, RES Kaidi aids Sunshine Kaidi with evaluation of new technologies for acquisition, investment, or collaboration of new technologies by conducting technical due diligence assessment and appraisal of technology values.

Our technology evaluation capability ranges from conceptual idea assessment to commercial technology acquisition at various Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) with real-world process design and engineering experience on a broad range of energy systems and includes:

Technology Commercialization

RES Kaidi has adapted a system to organize both ideas and technologies in a way that identifies where ideas and technologies fit on a developmental pathway. At the conclusion of a technology evaluation a plan is created to systematically develop a technology into a commercial product. The plan provides the flexibility to re-evaluate ideas and technologies at several points along the commercial development pathway. In conjunction with the Project Management and Engineering groups RES Kaidi is experienced with moving technologies through the scale-up cycle; bench, lab, pilot, demonstration, and commercialization.

Project Management

The RES Kaidi project management group offers services at all stages of projects; Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing. Areas of focus are Cost, Scope, Schedule, Document Control, and Procurement/Contracts. Industries of focus are refining, alternatives, EPC, industrial gas, entrepreneurial endeavors.

Engineering & Project Engineering

RES Kaidi has a team of Engineers that are in house and ready to assist owners on project specific efforts.