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Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, BIOX was incorporated in September 2000.

In April 2001, BIOX completed construction of a 1 million liter per annum pilot plant in Oakville, Ontario. The purpose of this plant was to conclusively demonstrate the BIOX Process’ ability to efficiently and economically convert a wide variety of feedstocks into biodiesel. This test facility proved that the BIOX Process is able to achieve complete conversion of both the free fatty acid molecule as well as the triglyceride molecule into methyl esters achieving yields of 1:1 without any pre-treatment.

In April 2007, BIOX completed construction and commissioning of its’ first commercial-scale biodiesel production facility in Hamilton, Ontario. This 67 million liter annual nameplate capacity plant is one of the largest continuous flow biodiesel production facilities in the world.

Using this proven production technology and modular plant design, BIOX intends to build, own and operate biodiesel plants in attractive markets taking into account such factors as legislation or policies promoting the use of biodiesel, existing petroleum storage and distribution infrastructure, and the availability of feedstock.