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NuFuels LLC

Renewable aviation jet fuel (JetA), renewable diesel, renewable naphtha, with the following by-products: high-grade Biochar and ash.

NuFuels – Company Background
NuFuels, LLC is a renewable energy developer with a business model that combines proven technologies, large feedstock reserves and world class engineering/technology partners which, working together, will profitably produce large quantities of renewable fuels and by-products that will help satisfy ever-increasing demand.

By early 2018, NuFuels will break ground on its first of many renewable fuel refineries, beginning in the United States. On average, each 1,000 barrels (42,000 gal) per day refinery will produce approximately 70% renewable JetA / 30% naphtha, or 79% renewable diesel / 21% naphtha. As a by-product, NuFuels’ refineries will also produce 35,000 tons annually of high-grade Biochar – a universally recognized product beneficial to agriculture and, additionally, provides significant levels of carbon sequestration.

Renewable Aviation JetA and Diesel Fuel
The NuFuels bio-refinery system uses renewable feedstocks to produce drop-in-fuels to ASTM standards. Our system design is replicable, scalable, environmentally friendly and accepts any organic material – preprocessed and dried. NuFuels has partnered with an international forest bio-management firm for feedstock processing and is committed to sustainable forestry and good forest management practices.

Our system design uses a highly efficient thermolytic gasification process to produce syngas, paired with a sophisticated Fischer-Tropsch conversion system to process the syngas into either renewable aviation JetA or renewable diesel fuel. The flexibility of this technology allows us to control the refineries to the extent that they can be dynamically reconfigured to toggle between producing renewable jet fuel and/or renewable diesel.

NuFuels is committed every day to protecting the environment through the use of sustainable biomass to create clean, renewable drop-in fuels for the transportation industry.