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SCB’s aim is to promote a low-carbon fuel environment. Established 10 years ago, we are now a world-leading commodity broking group of companies with offices in the US, Europe and Asia. We offer commercial and financial customers brokerage services in physical, listed and over the counter commodity derivatives.

SCB group began in Switzerland in 2006 as Starsupply Renewables SA.  Other companies, which have since been formed, joined the Group in the last 10 years and we now have offices in Puerto Rico, Chicago, Geneva, London, New York and Singapore.

At SCB we invest heavily in client relationships from the ground up, visiting agricultural producers, attending and speaking at conferences and partaking in industry round table discussions. We are regularly invited to attend producer and industry association functions where our experience in the market is used upon request to assist smaller companies get more comfortable with derivative trading, regulatory changes, physical delivery logistics and other market changes

We look to continue to grow our business and our customers and use every opportunity to encourage and promote the growth and trade of biofuels as a key part of our mission to promote low carbon fuels.