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Viesel Fuel
Viesel Fuel has completed the upgrade of the Viesel Fuel refinery to produce 7.5 million gallons a year of biodiesel using an exclusive enzymes process developed by Novozymes of Denmark. We are the only biodiesel refiner in the world using a combination of enzymes and resins to manufacture D6751 biodiesel.
Viesel Fuel has obtained approvals from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Clean Air Act as a fuel additive and as an approved biomass based diesel under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program.
The biodiesel at the Viesel Fuel refinery is fully compliant with all ASTM International D6751 standards and specifications for biodiesel.
Viesel Fuel is QAP Certified. Viesel Fuel is also on a path for having an approved BQ9000 quality assurance program.
Viesel Fuel is pioneering the use of this enzymes and resin technology on a commercial scale for use anywhere in the world.
The Viesel Fuel enzymatic process requires less energy than making traditional biodiesel, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions at a higher rate, and can be constructed for less plant capital cost than a traditional biodiesel plant.
Moreover, by using the Viesel Fuel enzymes/resin process, the byproduct, glycerin, has significantly lowered contamination and hence a higher value as a byproduct.
The favorable results demonstrated at the Viesel Fuel facility are a clear step toward a more efficient, environmentally sound and less expensive method to produce biodiesel.
“Viesel Fuel’s leadership in the enzymes processes will change the way the world produces biofuel and we at Viesel Fuel are very enthusiastic to be pioneering their technology to install a commercial scale biodiesel facility”