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Murex LLC


Plano, TX
Murex LLC markets and distributes Domestic Ethanol, Export Ethanol, Crude Oil, Methanol, and Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) throughout the United States and the world.
Our Vision
Murex creates customer and supplier value by buying, selling and moving petroleum and renewable products through an optimal logistics network.
Murex provides:
·         Value added products and services to customers worldwide
·         Multiple gasoline blendstocks and chemical products to refiners, blenders and chemical distributors
·         An efficient logistics infrastructure with more than 2,200 railcars, multiple terminals, and preferred providers for trucking, barges and ships
·         Superior customer service, emphasizing safety, risk mitigation and compliance with government regulations
History of Murex
Founded in 1990, Murex began supplying gasoline blendstocks to refiners. By focusing on relationships, meeting customer needs and efficient logistics, Murex expanded into a one-stop supplier of blendstocks.
In the late 1990’s, with the rise of ethanol and independent ethanol facilities, Murex expanded its infrastructure to provide ethanol distribution and wholesale services to the market.
Today, Murex is a leading ethanol marketer in the United States. The investments Murex has made and the shared market intelligence of its seasoned team have not only allowed Murex to take a leading position in Domestic Ethanol supply, but have also made Murex the leading Ethanol Exporter in the U.S. Murex has used its expertise in ethanol markets and regulation to include a comprehensive marketing program for Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs).
In addition to Murex’s focus on the rapidly expanding ethanol market (including advanced technologies and specialty grades), the team has provided logistics solutions for a wide variety of products including alkalyte, natural gasoline, toluene, and xylene. Most recently, Murex has provided logistics solutions to fill the infrastructure needs of the crude oil market throughout the United States and Canada.
As the landscape in chemicals and refined products continues to grow and evolve, Murex will continue its vision of providing logistics and marketing solutions that create and increase value to both the supplier and the customer. Murex believes in core competencies of:
·         Superior market knowledge from an experienced team of professionals with specialized industry understanding and strategic relationships
·         A strong distribution system that allows synergies to increase value along the supply chain
·         A top-quality customer service team with decades of industry experience to assist our partners in their distribution and marketing needs
Business Development
Beyond our commitment to current customer and supplier needs, Murex is committed to strategic evolution and developing new opportunities. We have the capability to consider a full range of opportunities from short-term supply to an investment in your longer-term project.
Our railcar fleet, terminal facilities, extensive supplier relationships, and entrepreneurial flexibility allow us to react quickly to your constantly changing needs.
·         Our network of suppliers and customers gives us the unique ability to provide supply, meeting your long term or seasonal product requirements.
·         Our financial strength allows us to consider investments with our suppliers and customers to build competitive advantages and strengthen the total supply chain.
·         Our company has the creative insight and experience to meet your demands in an ever changing business environment.