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GranBio is a 100% Brazilian industrial biotech company founded in June of 2011 to develop and produce fuels and chemicals from biomass. The company is controlled by Gran Investimentos S.A., a holding company of the Gradin family with a 15% investment by BNDESPAR in 2013.
Headquarters are in Sao Paulo. The R&D labs are located in Campinas, close to Sao Paulo. The breeding and experiment station is in Alagoas, near the first plant. The company also has an office in San Francisco, CA for all US business. 
GranBio was the first to announce a commercial second-generation ethanol plant in the Southern Hemisphere. The plant is scheduled to begin operating in early 2014 in the Northeast State of Alagoas. It will produce 22MGY of cellulosic ethanol from sugarcane tops and leaves and bagasse at a low cost of $1.50/gallon. The second ethanol plant is sited in Alagoas to begin construction in 2014. The company is also committed to build an n-butanol plant in Sao Paulo state with construction to begin in 2014. 
The mission is to invest in, develop and deploy technical solutions from biomass to fuels and chemicals. In 2020, the company will produce 1B liters of 2nd generation ethanol and build 3-5 bio-based chemical plants.