About ABFA
The Advanced Biofuels Association is focused on leading America's green economy, where its member companies have the ingenuity and entrepreneurship to fuel a sustainable energy future.
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America needs a diversified, balanced portfolio of energy options. Advanced and cellulosic biofuels are an important part of America's energy portfolio.
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ABFA News & Updates
ABFA Supports CARB’s Re-Adoption of LCFS   Read More

China Looks to Algenol’s Carbon Mitigation Technology to Reduce Rising Global CO2 Levels and Help Combat Climate Change   Read More

UPM BioVerno Renewable Diesel Reduces Tailpipe Emissions Significantly   Read More

Oberon Fuels Partners With Ford & FVV On 3-Year, €3.5 Million Project To Build And Test World’s First Production Passenger Car Powered By DME   Read More

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