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What is the longer-term goal for your membership in terms of volumes of fuels moving forward?

In 2021, ABFA sponsored a third-party feedstock study which explored the availability of feedstocks that would be available to expand the production of Biomass-based fuel over the next 10 years. We set a target goal by 2030 of 9 billion gallons of biodiesel, renewable diesel, and renewable aviation fuels, referred to as SAF or sustainable aviation fuels. The study quantified that there is ample approved feedstock available from fats, oil, and greases to produce 9 billion gallons of fuels for use in the Biomass Based Diesel pool by 2030.  The study excluded all required food use to determine whether enough feedstock existed to reach this goal without impacting the world’s food demand from these feedstocks. Longer term, it is anticipated that supplies from approved feedstocks would be able to support near 18 billion gallons by 2040 — all capable of achieving a minimum of a 50% carbon reduction as compared to the petroleum based diesel and aviation fuels.