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Statement: ABFA Applauds EPA’s Denial of Petitions for RFS Small Refinery Exemptions

Four years ago, the Advanced Biofuels Association filed the first lawsuit challenging the Trump administration’s decision to grant SREs to anyone and everyone as a means to undermine the RFS program and lower the value of the RINs. According to Scott Irwin, the Lawrence J. Norton Chair of Agricultural Marketing at the University of Illinois, the Trump Administration’s actions shifted 7 billion dollars from the pockets of biofuels producers to – for the first time – many large refiners.

Today, we are delighted to see this nightmare finally put to bed by the Biden administration. Given the global circumstances facing the liquid transportation fuels industry today, EPA’s decision thoughtfully considers all stakeholders in both the renewable and refining industries. Further, EPA’s denial protects the future of the RFS while ensuring American consumers don’t pay more at the pump as a result of this decision. This decision sends a strong signal of support to our members, concluding a years-long saga of legal abuse and creating regulatory certainty for our industry to make the low carbon fuels of the future.

Michael McAdams, President of the Advanced Biofuels Association